A Tasting in the Wilds

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Come to the Pennsylvania Wilds and Taste the Difference!

Additional Funding was made possible by support from the

Elk County Hotel Tax Grant Program, administered by the Northwest Pennsylvania Great Outdoors Visitors Bureau

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2012 Wine & Beer Making Contest Winners:


Wine Cooler-Brian Gardner


White Dry wine winners:

         1. Steve Gerg

         2. Steve Gerg

         3. Ed Kuntz


Red Sweet:

         1. Joe Wickett

         2. Joe Gier

         3. Joe Wickett


Red Dry:


         1. John Frantz

         2. Keith & Deana Ditmore

         3. Ed Kuntz


Other Wine:


         1. John Frantz

         2. Joe Wickett

         3. John Zameroski


Beer winners:


     1. Greg Petrosky (Vanilla Porter)

     2. Todd Guyer-(Raspberry Wheat)

          3. Andy Schlimm (Sweet IPA)